How to become a Registrar


1. Application letter sent by post (or delivered by hand) to RICTA P.O Box : 7334, 6th Floor Telecom House, 8KG 7 Avenue, attention to the Chief Executive Officer.

2. Company’s Profile detailing your company’s operations, location and abilities.
In particular, the company profile should include :

- Your experience in DNS and DNS server management ;
- At least two (2) DNS servers that your company manages ;
- A list of domain names hosted on the nameservers ;
- A company registration certificate from the Registrar’s office ;
- A company TIN (Tax Identification Number) or an official company registration number
3. The company’s system should be EPP compliant

RICTA Executive Management will evaluate your application within seven (7) working days and respond with an approval or Rejection. If your application is approved, your organization and RICTA shall sign the “Registry - Registrar Agreement” after paying the advance payment as specified in the applicable price list.

NB : To become an accredited Registrar, it is NOT required that your organization have local presence ; an office within the country, Rwanda.