RICTA introduces simplified mobile money payments for RW Resellers.

RICTA introduces simplified mobile money payments for RW Resellers.

September 30, 2021

In-line with its vision to make seamless the entire process of accessing RW services, RICTA has during the month of September introduced Mobile Money payments to the RW Domain names Resellers. This mode of payment come to join existing channels like VISA cards and Master cards. This makes RICTA only the second African Registry to integrate mobile money payments digitally.

Speaking about the introduction of this innovation, RICTA CEO Grace Ingabire remarks that: “As part of our commitment to improving all our customers’ experience, this will make domain names payments easy for not only our local Resellers, but as well those based in the East African region and the entire African Continent at large. This will attract as well other startup willing to venture in this business.

Indeed, it has shortened and simplified the payment process as all payments are seamless, instant and require no additional setups.

Reacting to this news, Fridolin Niyonsaba of KITECH states that, “This integration has made the service much better It is now smooth and continuous which means no gap between RICTA and RW resellers interactions.” He goes on to observe that, “In just a few clicks we can top up our accounts anytime we want. That’s awesome we are practicing what we preach as players in digitalizing business in Rwanda.”

The sentiment of improved convenience and customer service has been repeated among various Resellers. This was reiterated by Davis Mugira of Spiderbit who comments saying, “We have got more payment options, and Mobile Money is the quickest option when you get caught up, let say a customer has made an order and the account has run out of credit, either way, you have to top-up your MoMo Wallet or bank account to refill your Reseller account, in this case, MoMo is the fastest option and more reliable.”

Ivan of EBD also goes “It provides a good alternative since in some cases the bank systems may not be available for various reasons”.

The faster payments have not just been enjoyed by local Resellers but also by those based outside Rwanda and are a convenient backup for bank transactions that would otherwise be perceived as lengthy.

As Rwandan online services continue to adopt international innovations, RICTA will continue to be committed to being at the forefront of helping its customers access its services conveniently and efficiently.